Geoff Leppard would like to thank...

There are many people we would like to thank who have helped us along the way as we clung on to this runaway train. This list only just touches the tip of the iceberg, so please don’t feel left out if we’ve not mentioned you below – our addled brains can only cope with so much.

So in no particular order:
Neil Reed at GigSeenTV and Shameless Records
Burt, Julie, Trevor Jordan, Dave Abbot and all at SELOC
Bibs at The Lotus Forums
Janitor at AutoUnity
Jim Williams and Steve at Lucis Photography
Justin Bloom
Alun Rowe at Pentangle
Toni Ashwood
Steffan Lewis and Craig ‘Grampy’ Baker
Paul Golding, Lotus On Track, LoTRDC
Jaime Golding
The Mill
Mark Greenhalsh
Jonathan Turnbull
K and Iz
Del, Di and Becky a.k.a. Sharon 3
Planet Rock Radio
BBC Radio Norfolk
Scott and Simon at Laney
everyone who has helped get the message out to promote our single
and of course YOU!